Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Funny Police Pranks

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Funny Police Pranks

The jokes and pranks that our nations finest do when they have a bit to much time on their hands

You do these pranks at your own risk. I take no responsibility.

Partner asleep in the passenger seat (1).

If your partner is known for falling asleep in the passenger seat at 3am in the morning then go for a patrol of an industrial area. Locate a Semi trailer parked by the side of the road. Nose the Police vehicle into the front of the prime mover as close as you can get it. Put the gear stick into park (or neutral for manual cars) and hand brake on. Rev the engine up to about 2000 rpm. Put your high beam on so that the inside of your car is lit up by the reflected light from the front of the prime mover. Then honk your horn and start screaming with your hands up in front of your face. In those first few milliseconds after waking up, your partner will believe he is about to come to a violent and painful end. I guarantee that he will never fall asleep in the passenger seat again whilst your driving (That's if he hasn't died from a heart attack).

Partner asleep in the passenger seat (2).

If your partner is known for falling asleep in the passenger seat at 3am in the morning then go for a patrol to the nearest car dealership and park the Police vehicle in the sale yard and place a for sale sign on the front windscreen. Get a lift back to the Police station from another Police vehicle and wait for someone to ring the Police station to make an offer on the Police vehicle. For an added touch, take a photo of the vehicle with your partner asleep inside and the for sale sign on the front then ring the car dealership up the following morning and see if they will put the photo in there next paper add if you pay the cost. If he agrees then do a wip around with the rest of the troops to get the money.

Supervisor ducking off for a snooze

If your supervisor is known telling everyone he is going out for a "Patrol" which is his code for going off to find some place quite to park the car and have a snooze. Then go inside the car and turn the vehicle clock back 2 hours. Follow him and locate his favourite hiding spot. Wait till he is fast asleep them place blankets that you got from the cells at the station over the windows of the car. Wait until 2 hours after his shift ended then give him a call on his mobile and ask him where he is.

The Finger.

Whilst conducting some type of road side traffic operation (At least 5 Police required for affect) Have the senior man nominate a passing car and yell "Finger!!". All Police will then stop what they are doing and slowly walk forward to the side of the road pointing at the car and talking amongst there selves as if they are saying "That's the car". Continue this till you get at least one confused motorist attends the nearest Police station to hand himself in.

Station staff asleep on night shift.

If you come back in from patrol and find one of your station staff just starting to fall asleep to the point where he can still hear you but is just about nod off. Then go up to him with your partner and start talking about your last pistol shoot at the firing range. Then start talking about a particular problem you had with your firearm whilst your partner finds the biggest book in the Police station. Then make a comment along the lines of "Look I'll show you what happened." Then have your partner say "No put the gun away okay. you are making me nervous" (I must stress at this point that you don't take your firearm out. You only say it) Then you hit the table next to the sleeping station staff with the large book as hard as you can. I guarantee you there will be the loss of control over certain types of bodily functions.

The town drunk.

If you come across the town drunk who is totally hammered, whilst patrolling then walk up to him and have you and your partner stand on either side. Then start slowly swaying from side to side so you can only just notice it. This should result in him getting head spins and falling over. Be warned, it sometimes makes them throw up so be sure you are standing to the side.

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